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Care and Cleaning

Handknotted Rugs


This construction offers excellent durability. They can be cleaned and repaired almost indefinitely and should last a lifetime. When vacuuming use suction only and draw the nozzle over the rug in the same direction as the pile (you will notice one way is easier than another) This also aligns the silk and gives that wonderful sheen effect. We recommend using a solution of soft soap and warm water to deal with everyday stains and spillages remembering not to over wet the area and always work into the stain, don’t spread it about! Avoid harsh scrubbing, gently blot the area dry. If you do have a serious spillage call us and we will try to help.

Fluff and loose fibres

Some fluff maybe found with a new rug.These are loose fibres that are not fully locked into the yarn during spinning and can be safely vacuumed off. The shedding will stop after a few weeks as all the loose fibres will have been removed.


You will notice the silk yarn has a slightly uneven density of colour.This is known as ABRASH and is a desirable consequence of hand spun yarns.As the yarn varies slightly in thickness so the dye take up varies and the colour varies. This gives a rug its depth and hand made look.Machine made rugs are flat by comparison.


Our manufacturers use the best non fading dyes available. However no dyes are completely photo stable and any rug left in strong sunlight will eventually fade in the exposed area. A wise move is to turn your rug from time to time to even out any slight fading that may occur.

Loose yarns During the handknotting process the pile is cut once when tied and then cut again to the desired pile height. Sometimes a loose thread is missed and reappears during cleaning. This can be safely trimmed with sharp scissors close to the pile. Similarly a tuft may become loose from the backing. This can be gently pulled out or trimmed. The other knots will close ranks and fill the space.

Colour match

Due to batch variations in dyelots an exact match for colour between different rugs cannot be guaranteed.

Shading, Pile pressure or Pile reversal

These are natural characteristics of all cut pile fabrics.this can be especially noticeable with plain and tonal shades or open ground designs and is the result of pressure causing a change of direction of the pile, giving light and dark patches, accentuated by room lighting. This does not effect the quality or life of the rug and is not a fault of manufacture. Regular use of an upright cleaner can minimise this effect.


Although every care is taken to ensure the dyes used meet strict requirements rugs, as with other natural textiles cannot be dyed absolutely fast to light and will fade when subject to daylight. Regular rotation of your rug will minimise this effect.


All woven goods have a size tolerance of +_ 1.25%