Who are we?

UK Heritage Rugs are a bespoke rug company drawing design inspiration from its exclusive associations with world famous brands, The Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum. The company only works with manufacturers who can exceed the stringent quality, ethical and environmental standards demanded by these great brands.

Our Experience

We have designed carpets and rugs for over 40 years. Our company owner Brian Sales learnt the importance of good design early in his career and became a Member of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers.

Our involvement in the restoration of the Marion Dorn Art Deco rug at Eltham Palace for English Heritage led to a number of collaborations with designers for bespoke carpets and rugs. The most notable being with Amy Schellenburgh for the Big Room at Royal St Andrews.

The British Museum and V&A licences developed from an earlier collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society for a floral collection of hand knotted rugs based on watercolours from the R.H.S Lindley Library.

How We Work

Working with the V&A and British Museum requires a careful and considered approach to pattern, colour and design. This ensures an exquisitely authentic adaptation of an original archive document. The creation of the British Museum rug The Great Wave by Hokusai is a good example.

Interpreting the incredibly fine detail of the original onto a rug with an effective resolution of 200 knots or pixels per square inch was an immensely challenging task. Each stage was submitted to the Museums Curators for approval and only after several years of development were the final trials approved.

We personally work on all aspects of the development to ensure the result is of the highest standard.

Why Support GoodWeave?

As ethically responsible organisations both the V&A and the British Museum insist product sourcing is sustainable and conforms to environmentally sound principles. The GoodWeave logo and unique identity number can be found on any rug in any price range made by an accredited manufacturer. It is proof of manufacturing principles.

UK Heritage Rugs is a proud partner of GoodWeave, a non profit organisation that ensures that all our rugs are made by adult artisans, not children.GoodWeave is ending child labour and offering educational opportunities to children in carpet weaving communities around the world.

To learn more visit GoodWeave.org.