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The British Museum and V&A

Working alongside world renowned museums such as the V&A and the British Museum, UK Heritage Rugs ensures every handmade piece is an exquisitely authentic adaptation of an original archive document with a considered approach to colour, pattern and scale. These stunning collections represent the culmination of several years design and development work. Crafted from the finest quality wool and silk, each rug has at least 140 hand tied knots per square inch that gives the superb level of quality and detail expected from these world renowned brands.

The British Museum

The British Museum Rug Collection comprises four designs inspired by works of the master printmaker Katsushika Hokusai, most notable for his iconic work The Great Wave. Each rug is hand knotted by Indian master weavers using the finest silk and wool in a superfine 200 knot quality.

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The V&A Bespoke hand knotted range comprises of contemporary-looking Japanese designs as well as quintessentially British Arts and Crafts inspired pieces. Each rug is expertly woven in silk and wool by Nepalese master weavers.

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Private Commissions

Our in-house design team would love to advise you on the creation of a unique bespoke rug. Why not get in touch to arrange a visit?

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