Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions occur on a regular basis at shows, online or in the shop. Here is a selection of the most popular questions and answers. If you cannot find an answer to your question here please get in touch.

General Questions

Our UK Heritage Rugs are exclusive to us and our brand partners. Consequently you can be reassured they meet the strict quality standards you would expect from these internationally renowned brands.

I have nearly 40 years experience of designing carpets and rugs and bring a wealth of creativity and technical knowledge to our company.

Since all our hand knotted rugs are made to order we would urge customers to double check sizes and shape prior to ordering (and then once more!) We do allow 48 hours after our order confirmation to you for any last minute changes, but after that changes are not really possible.

Please note handmade rugs have a size variation of +/- 2.5% and should not be used in pre-made insets unless adjustment is possible.

Unlike many rug makers we do not charge a premium for bespoke sizes.

As a general rule multiply the largest length measurement (in metres) by the largest width measurement (in metres) to give your rug size in square metres Multiply this number by the appropriate quality cost as shown on the Rug Page. This will give the full cost. If in doubt get in touch and I will do the maths.

Please remember this price includes VAT and UK mainland delivery.

Where a custom design is desired I will always quote for any design charges before I begin work.


Most rug shapes are fairly simple rectangles or circles or a combination of both. However, we like a challenge and will consider anything that can be finished correctly.

Email your enquiry to us at info@ukheritagerugs.com and we will give you an answer within 24 hrs.

That’s a difficult one.

We take enormous care to reproduce rug colours accurately in photographic and image form. However due to the different display settings on monitor platforms we cannot guarantee how you will view our images and so cannot be held responsible for colour misrepresentation.


Where possible we will forward a small yarn sample for colour reference or organise a viewing for UK customers.

That really depends on the size and complexity of the rug.

As a guide allow 1 month per square metre plus 40 days to cover dyeing, finishing and dispatch. I will quote an approximate delivery time when the order is taken.

Since our rugs are made to order we ask for a non returnable deposit of 35% of the total cost after you have approved the final sample or pdf . Payment can be by card or BACS. Details will be advised after your design approval.

When your rug is completed we examine it carefully for conformity to the order. Once satisfied we will forward images, or the rug if nearby, for approval. Once approval is given we ask for the balance prior to rug delivery through card or BACS.


Where a delivery is non UK we will advise you of delivery charges.

We do not normally refund made to order rugs as they are specific to you. Get in touch and we will see what can be done.

Email us within 48 hrs of delivery and leave the rest to us. Please see our returns policy for more details.

We pride ourselves on our GoodWeave association. Please refer to our Goodweave section for further information regarding manufacturing practices.

We have all received junk email or spam and appreciate the importance of keeping your personal details secret. At U.K.Heritage Rugs we take your privacy seriously and will contact you only in relation to your order. We will not divulge your personal details to any third party or send unsolicited emails.

Only if the yarns and dyes are made together for the whole batch. We cannot guarantee matching on separate dyeings and spinnings.

Rug Care

When vacuuming use suction only and draw the nozzle over the rug in the same direction as the pile (you will notice one way is easier than another) This also aligns the silk and gives that wonderful sheen effect.

Since the pile is quite dense any dirt will lay on the top of the pile and not penetrate deeper down. Regular light vacuuming on alternate days will keep dirt off the surface

This construction offers excellent durability. They can be cleaned and repaired almost indefinitely and should last a lifetime given a regular cleaning programme. Seek expert advice for any repairs.

We recommend using a solution of soft soap and warm water to deal with everyday stains and spillages remembering not to over wet the area and always work into the stain, don’t spread it about! Avoid harsh scrubbing, just gently blot the area dry. If you do have a serious spillage get in touch and we will try to help.

Some fluff maybe found on the surface a new rug although that is unlikely with a hand knotted rug due to the finishing process. It is more common on a handtufted rug.

They are loose fibres that are not fully locked into the yarn during spinning and can be safely vacuumed off. The shedding will stop after a few weeks as all the loose fibres will have been removed.

If a thread pops up on the pile just take a sharp pair if scissors and trim it off. Don't pull it out.

You will notice some yarn has a slightly uneven density of colour. This is known as ABRASH and is a desirable consequence of hand spun yarns. As the yarn varies slightly in thickness so the dye take up varies and the colour varies. This gives a rug its depth and hand made look. Machine made blended yarns are more even but lack character.

Our manufacturers use the best non fading dyes available. However no dyes are completely photo stable and any rug left in strong sunlight will eventually fade in the exposed area. A wise move is to turn your rug from time to time to even out any slight fading that may occur.

Size & Fitting

A rug within a room can make a number of statements depending on design, size, colour, shape. A small rug in a large room can look lost, similarly a large rug in a small room will look cramped. A rug can fit into a room in a number of ways.

This image shows a popular layout where the rug defines its area and is separate from the surrounding furniture.


Yes, this image gives an alternative where the rug ties into the furniture by lying partly underneath. This has the effect of unifying all the elements in a room together. There are exceptions to this however as some items of furniture such as a side table need to be either fully on or off a rug, not astride it.


This image shows a larger rug again with most items resting on it. The distance between the rug and the walls should be equal otherwise the rug may look off centre.


This image shows where a rug is to be placed under a table it is important to ensure that the border can be clearly seen and the whole rug is big enough to allow a chair to be pulled out without going off the rug. It is usual for the rug shape to echo the table shape.


Of course!

In all cases we will help you arrive at your solution and offer a plan to show you how your idea will look. Informal chats are free. As all our rugs are made to order this is the time to get it right.

Where a wall to wall installation is desired it is most important to measure correctly and make allowances for handmade tolerances. In some cases an allowance of up to 20cm in each direction maybe needed. Consideration must be given to fitting and the need to crop a design if necessary. Get in touch with us to discuss this. These comments also apply to fitting into a recess or well.

Fitting for Hand knotted rugs is highly skilled and can only be carried out by a qualified fitter.

Yes indeed.

Due to the hand made nature of hand knotted rugs all woven goods have a size tolerance of +_ 5%.

When choosing your rug bear in mind how a door will open onto it and if the door bottom will need to be planed.

Yes, it depends on what flooring is already present. Please get in touch for assistance.