Private Commissions

Unique Rug Commissions

Our in-house Design Studio is accustomed to requests for unique rugs and we relish every challenge.

Past commissions range from a simple plain colour rug matched to a scheme to highly ornate and detailed hand tufted fitted rugs covering many floors.

A clear understanding of how your rug works in your scheme will guide our choices without limiting creativity and lead to a fabulous special piece.

In most cases a site visit answers so many questions.

It is worth noting that floorcoverings are surprisingly versatile with many novel constructions available for the adventurous client. The 3 main materials are wool, cotton and silk which each have many variations. Natural fibres like hemp, seagrass and bamboo are now popular and can be combined with other materials to make unique blends. Synthetic yarns have their place as do novel recycled yarns from sari cloth and plastics.

Weaving techniques are equally varied and produce a level of detail that is reflected in the price. A very fine hand knotted silk rug with a knot rate of 200 per inch or more, as found in our British Museum Collection, will cost many times more than a hand loomed bamboo/silk texture and both have their merits.

If you would like to discuss your ideas with us lets get in touch and start the journey together.


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